Monthly Archives: October 2013

Recruiting a graduate student

I have a position open for a one Ph.D. (or possibly MS) student beginning summer or fall of 2014 (, The specific project can be discussed although it will fall in the range of my research interests and current projects. Deadlines for the Land and Atmospheric Science program are in December 2013 for eligibility for possible fellowships, see the LAS homepage for more information: I possibly may be able to take students from other graduate programs at the University of Minnesota as well. Contact me if you are interested.


Shout out for the cover design

Brighid Docherty ( should be credited for the excellent cover design, thanks much to her and contact her as a young designer if you are interested in having work like this. Also thanks to Kathryn Docherty who, with myself, had the vision for this design so wonderfully executed by Brighid.

Still under construction..I know it’s been a while but it’s coming…