IRMS facility

Welcome to the IRMS facility, we are almost open for business.

Feb 12, 2015: This page is under construction– please check back for updates or contact me if you want more information.

Jess IRMS lab_2

Analyses Offered:

  • Total C and N on solid samples (plants, soil, precipitated or dried extracts)
  • Total C on compound specific extractions. Right now we are in the final optimization stages for 13C PLFA analysis
  • Coming soon: We have the capacity for, and will develop at some point, analysis of solids for S isotopes, 18O, and deuterium. We will also be developing compound specific N analysis and may build capacity for gas analysis. If you are interested in these analyses, let us know (, or look at the other UMN Stable Isotope Lab:
  • We have lots of plans for this young lab!


  • Isoprime 100 continuous flow IRMS
  • Elementar pyrocube elemental analyzer
  • Agilent 7890 gas chromatograph

Sample Preparation for solid samples:

The UC Davis facility has a handy calculator for estimating sample weights: Our equipment tends to run a little more sensitive (meaning you need slightly lower sample weights):

Sample Preparation for compound specific samples:
I would like to work closely with anyone running samples for PLFA compound specific analysis, please contact me regarding your extraction method and sample preparation.

Pricing and turnaround time:

This section coming soon- our prices will be comparable to the UC Davis and the other UMN facility  rates for solid samples or “difficult” solid samples (filter paper for example). Rates for 13CPLFA will likely nearly always need to be discussed.



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