Late notice: recruiting a graduate student

I am recruiting a PhD student to study how microbial communities partition carbon differently under warming or elevated CO2 scenarios in a southern boreal peat bog, using microbial biomarker and stable isotope methods. This work is being done in relation to a large project being undertaken to understand ecosystem responses to warming and elevated CO2 in a southern boreal spruce peat bog, one of the habitats most at danger from the effects of climate change (

I seek an applicant with strong enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research and solving environmental challenges, where research includes field and laboratory procedures that contribute to understanding ecosystem responses to climate change. Strong written, verbal and computation skills are essential. Successful applicants will be expected to work independently as well as collaboratively as an active member of a research community, conduct field work in variable weather conditions, and perform high quality laboratory analyses. Ideal candidates will also have knowledge of soil ecology and/or microbiology, and have prior research experience.

Applications are due to the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior graduate program by December 1, 2016:

Successful applicants will have a graduate home in the housed in the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program ( and will have research housed in the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate.

I’m happy to answer questions or discuss the project more with interested candidates. Contact


Website updated

it’s about time. Two new pubs, a new student, and updated content. Mostly I spend my days in the IRMS lab so things are not so exciting…but they will be soon!

Recruiting a graduate student

I have a position open for a one Ph.D. (or possibly MS) student beginning summer or fall of 2014 (, The specific project can be discussed although it will fall in the range of my research interests and current projects. Deadlines for the Land and Atmospheric Science program are in December 2013 for eligibility for possible fellowships, see the LAS homepage for more information: I possibly may be able to take students from other graduate programs at the University of Minnesota as well. Contact me if you are interested.

Shout out for the cover design

Brighid Docherty ( should be credited for the excellent cover design, thanks much to her and contact her as a young designer if you are interested in having work like this. Also thanks to Kathryn Docherty who, with myself, had the vision for this design so wonderfully executed by Brighid.

Still under construction..I know it’s been a while but it’s coming…